Ignorance is misery not bliss.

Cannabis is a bad plant, a gateway drug, used by hippies and musicians, you know, non-compliant types of people that disrupt. I don’t believe it - and neither do you - but that still seems to be the current stigma of the plant. Growing corn for high-fructose corn syrup is OK (even though Obesity now kills more people worldwide than car crashes, terror attacks, and Alzheimer's disease combined). Alcohol is perfectly OK (even though 88,000 people died last year in the USA due to alcohol. Opioid based drugs are fine even though the poppy plant has a psychoactive ingredient that is used for heroine. But cannabis is a bad drug even though there’s never been one case cited as an overdose.

Who’s been pulling the opioids over our eyes?

We can’t seem to understand why cannabis is so feared for so many years. Well, whenever you want to catch a thief you just need to follow the money. In 1934 (yes - ‘34), THC isolate was discovered by Raphael Mishulum, an Israeli scientist, and the testing of THC’s effects led to a cure for epilepsy, but this treatment in any form did not reach FDA approval until 2018 - 84 years later - and for only one type of the disease. In the meantime, there’s been hard evidence that THC helps cancer patients deal with the extreme nausea associated by chemotherapy treatment - in fact, it was tested on children in Israel, and they ended up administering olive oil with a small amount of THC to all the kids’ tongues in the study because the evidence was so clear.

And then there’s a potential cure for cancer.

Mishulum also discovered that our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that has a relationship to all diseases that we may get. Yes, I said ALL diseases (well, Mishulum said it). In fact studies showed that cannabinoids helped reduce the size of tumors in many cases. Why isn’t this being explored from every possible angle? My mother died of cancer in 1998 - I wish it had been explored by the top minds in medicine right here in the USA.

A lesson from Captain Kirk and the lizard alien (The Gorn).

Wait, stop looking at your phone and stay with me here (unless you are reading this on your phone). Some of you may be old enough to remember the episode of Star Trek when Captain Kirk was stranded on a planet with the lizard man alien known as The Gorn. Captain Kirk was outmatched by The Gorn’s strength 100 times, so he had to find a way to defeat the powerful alien. He was smart enough to realize on the planet where he was stranded was the ingredients to create gunpowder and therefore built a weapon to defeat The Gorn and survive the ordeal. Could it be possible we have the ingredients right here on our planet to defeat so many things that ail us but have been too ignorant or brainwashed to protect ourselves from so many threats like ALS, cancer, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and other scary maladies?

Let’s open our eyes, look up to the skies and see.

Thank you Freddie Mercury (just wanted to throw that in there). The doors are opening now to the many benefits of uses for cannabis. It’s ironic how many years ago ancient Africans thought the coffee bean was “the devil” because they noticed when goats ate the beans, the goats acted possessed. Now coffee is the number 2 beverage worldwide, only outdone by tea. Maybe something like a plant or gunpowder or potato chips are not “bad” or “evil” or “the devil” even if that’s what mama says. Maybe it’s how we use those items that counts. Because you never know when a lizard alien could be chasing you someday.